Friday, March 09, 2007

Student Response to "Pharmaceutical Ethics"

By Rachel Draper

David Yells

David Yells discussed the politics of pharmaceutical trials and their publications. There are various problems with how the general public is informed about drug experiments. Only positive results are published in medical journals for the obvious reason of negative results seem like bad publicity for the Drug Company and medical journal. I wonder if there is a way that there could be a regulation on the publications of these experiments. Some are disgusted with how much the government interferes with our daily life, but if truth is remaining untold with regards to a drug that I could, would, or should take, then I think something needs to happen. When you watch a TV show you can't get through your episode without seeing a drug commercial or drug test advertisement. The nature of pharmacy is becoming more and more part of our every day lives. The politics of drug representatives is almost nauseating. I’ve seen medical clinics taken to lunch by pharmaceutical representatives at least weekly. These reps "invite" medical doctors to prescribe said drug. I want my treatment to be educated and uninfluenced by where the doctor went to lunch that day. Can the power of money not influence this part of human life? Can politics be set aside in one aspect of life? Curious isn’t it?

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