Friday, March 09, 2007

Student Response to "Detainee Interrogations"

By Rachel Draper

Ron Fischer

A person commented that he thought it was significant that we were just having a discussion about what happened in Abu Graib. I do think that it was beneficial but significant is questionable. What happened in Abu Graib is staggering. One of the speakers gave the audience a handout that had the link that would lead you to a slide show of what occurred in AbuGraib. I think that although it was only a small number of soldiers doing terrible things in AbuGraib, it is still unacceptable. I wonder what the punishment will be to those who are in higher position of authority who saw what happened in Abu Graib. I hope the punishment is just. Ron Fischer showed us the new handbook that is for used interrogation of subjects. I see this as almost irrelevant because obviously rules were not kept and people's rights were violated. My questions are: What is going to be done to punish those who saw what happened to those in Abu Graib? How is the military going to keep from this happening again? What can I do to help in this cause? I do see military personnel as a responsible whole but when things like Abu Graib occur it is hard to support the war effort when we are doing the damage. I realize that it is a small occurrence and a very small amount participated in the events of Abu Graib. I still think that the militia should do everything in its power to prevent this from happening again.

Rachel Draper Listening to the Faculty Conference

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