Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sheldon Smith: Making Babies

Sheldon Smith
Originally uploaded by Center for the Study of Ethics at UVSC.

Sheldon Smith deliviered a presentation today that investigates the issues regarding the government assistance in cases of adoption and infertility treatments. His paper runs through the very large number of controversies relative to adoption and helping other sorts of childless couples get children. He asks whether it is ethical for governments to fund such efforts partially because of the large number of controversies. He admits to raising more questions than he answers. He says that how we answer this issue depends upon many personal factors, including religious biases, political biases and so forth. He admits that despite the controversies that exist surrounding the issue there are other cases, such as war efforts, where we fund things through government programs despite the presence of myriad complicating factors. His desire in this paper was to expound the complications, not solve them.